We have lived in the Middle East; the UAE and now Qatar for over 8 years. In that time we have witnessed untold suffering of animals brought about by neglect, abuse or just being born on the street in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. 

Every day hundreds of Dogs in Qatar are killed, injured or die in horrific circumstances.

We have seen dogs deliberately run over, shot, tied up to starve to death and many other situations that defy belief.

Families leaving Qatar to return home too often just dump their dogs on the street rather than pay for their relocation.

We help where we can but the stray population is out of control and we are only able to scratch the surface.

It is truly heartbreaking.

There are many good people here willing to help, but finding the resources to rescue, treat and rehome these beautiful creatures is difficult and whilst we have been able to send dozens of Dogs to loving homes around the world, we could do so much more with proper funding.

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Qatar in November 2022 and this will be preceded by a clear up operation.

The reality of this is something that we can barely comprehend.

Stray Dogs and Cats will be rounded up en masse and either dumped in the Desert to die or they will be brutally disposed of.

You can be sure that many of them will die in agony and after unimaginable suffering.

All these animals want is the chance to escape this terrible fate.

Can we help them all? No, sadly that is never going to be possible.

What we hope to achieve with the proceeds of this DezertDawgz NFT sale is to be able to give a few hundred dogs the chance of a new life in Europe or Canada. The chance to live a life where they are loved and cared for, never again having to hunt through rubbish bins for scraps of rotten food or dodge speeding traffic on a busy highway to find shelter for the night.

If you want to see how these dogs are forced to live then have a look at the stories on our social media. Be warned, there are some images that will challenge you. None of this is exaggerated. The suffering endured by thousands of animals on the streets of Qatar and across the Middle East on a daily basis is distressing to see.

You will also see images of dogs we have been able to rescue and send to new lives. We just want to be able to do more of this and time is running out.

Please consider helping us to help them by Purchasing one of our Dezertdawgz NFTs. You get to own a unique piece of art whilst contributing to saving lives of dogs living in the worst conditions and allowing them to find loving, forever homes.

Meet the Team

Well this bit is pretty easy. We are a two person team. Husband and wife of 15 Years. I am a born and bred tech nerd. I have been into computers and programming since my Dad brought home a 1kb Sinclair ZX80 sometime in 1980!

I learned to program in BASIC and saved and loaded gems like Tic Tac Toe to and from a cassette tape. The technology has changed but my love for it has never waned. I got into crypto in 2017 when I "missed the boat" with BTC. I have continued to miss many boats since but I'm still here and determined to do some good in the world with this NFT project.

My wife Caroline is the opposite of a tech nerd. She can barely work the TV remote but her passion is caring. As a nurse and midwife she cared for people for over 20 years and now she spends her every waking hour caring for sick, injured and homeless dogs and cats in our adopted home of Qatar. Yes, we live in a zoo. I have gradually been involved and enrolled in the animal side of things too and we are both now dedicated rescuers, trying hard to make a difference in our harsh environment.

Between us we make a great team and we are dedicated to saving as many dogs as possible before the FIFA World Cup rolls around in November 2022.

You can help by getting involved and minting one of my hand drawn, unique PFP NFTs when they are available on the Solana blockchain. 

We are sure there is enough of a crossover between NFT lovers and Dog lovers to make this project a woofing success and we are both committed to each side of the project for the long term.

Please get in touch with any questions via the contact page or our social media accounts. Every little helps and these animals deserve every chance we can give them. Their suffering is due to the actions of people. Let's show them we aren't all bad.

Thanks for your time. We and the Dawgz really appreciate it. Take care.

Carl and Caroline